Expert Reviews

  • Is your Website or application suffering from major usability, navigation, or other “user experience” problems?
  • Are you have trouble retaining customers?
  • Do you offer a number of products or sites that all look and work differently?
  • Does your site or program need a serious update because of new functions or product/service offerings?

Expert reviews are often the first step in new client engagements. These reviews provide a benchmark of current or proposed products and can also be used to assess the usability and user experience of competitive products. Mandel’s expert reviews are based on 25 years of experience and expertise in website design and usability. The reviews are grounded in commonly accepted best practices of interface design and industry guidelines. Expert reviews are based on an understanding of who your users are, what they think and what they want and need from your products. After an expert review, you’ll know exactly how your site’s or product’s usability and user experience really stacks up.

Mandel’s expert review reports contain detailed information on key usability issues, example screenshots and recommendations of short- and long-term fixes and enhancements to your product design.

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Depending on the size and complexity of your Website or application and the nature of the user tasks and scenarios, an expert review usually takes 2-3 weeks. Most reviews can be conducted remotely, saving you travel and living expenses. The final report is delivered by e-mail and a presentation and discussion session is conducted onsite or on a conference call.
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