Awareness, Education & Mentoring

Awareness Presentations

Do you have managers, directors or executives that don’t quite grasp the critical importance of user experience design and usability in any organization or company? Dr. Mandel has given many presentations on user experience awareness to corporate executives in need of understanding the concepts and importance of integrating UX into their design and development process.

User Experience Mentoring

Do you have a small group of designers or developers that need hands-on, specific training on interface design and usability? Theo Mandel offers mentoring sessions that allow you to custom tailor the topics you and your staff need, not forcing them to sit through lecture-oriented traditional education offerings.

Usable Web Interface Design Workshop

Mandel’s popular one-day hands-on workshop, Usable Web Interface Design. The updated workshop is based on his popular conference tutorials, current client work and research, and his 20-years of experience in designing usable systems. The course is available for public and onsite training.

Mandel also provides onsite, customized training. He can visit your offices and teach your designers, project managers, and executive team how to improve your applications and Websites. Onsite training sessions are custom tailored to your organization’s needs. Training sessions can be from a half-day to 2 days, with or without hands-on workshops. Contact me and let’s talk about setting up a training session.

Course Description

How do you balance creativity of Web designers with their users’ needs for intuitive, easy-to-navigate Web sites and applications? Create informative, enjoyable and interactive sites and applications without blasting users with graphics and information that overwhelm and confuse them. Understand psychological and practical research and guidelines behind excellent Web interface design. Learn how to design interfaces that are navigable, readable and usable. Review and critique both good and bad Web examples. An iterative usability process is detailed. Design forms, wizards and shopping carts that encourage users to participate in the Web experience.

Who Should Attend

Designers and developers of Web applications and Internet/intranet Web sites, interface designers, graphic designers, content developers and managers. This workshop course is for beginning and intermediate Web designers interested in learning general principles and practical guidance in designing usable Web interfaces.


  • Interactive course with demonstrations and practical examples
  • Design interfaces WITH users, not FOR users
  • Focus on key Web design elements: navigation, content and interaction
  • Perform Web site usability evaluations
  • Establish corporate and product interface design guidelines

Course Objectives

After attending this course, students will understand:

  • Why the user interface is a critical component of a software product
  • Why you must design interfaces with users, not just for users
  • How Web interfaces differ from PC interfaces
  • How to set up and follow an iterative user interface design process
  • The golden rules of user interface design
  • How to design user-oriented objects and windows
  • How to effectively utilize color and layout in interface design
  • How to establish corporate and product interface design guidelines
  • The core skills needed for GUI and OOUI users
  • How and when to use window elements, controls, and menus
  • How to design interfaces for the Web
  • What interface usability goals and measurements to use