Expert Reviews

Heuristic reviews are systematic inspections of a product user interface design for usability. The goal of a heuristic review is to find the usability problems in the product design so that they can be attended to as part of an iterative design process.

User Experience Prototyping and Design

“User Experience” design is the task of translating product requirements into a product or Website interface that actually works for its users. Interface design involves everything you see on the screen. Interaction design is the art of providing keyboard and mouse interaction and navigation. Prototypes can be created for realizing concepts, functionality, design, interaction and navigation.

User Testing

Usability evaluations (user testing) involve observing actual or representative users performing common tasks and scenarios with a program or Website. Every software product and Website should have some form of usability evaluation before it is released to its intended audience.

Awareness, Education & Mentoring

Dr. Mandel develops and teaches courses on graphical and object-oriented user interface design, Web design, and software/information usability.

Theo also works with companies to create interface design and usability groups within their organizations. He educates and mentors these groups to grow their skills. Dr. Mandel also designs and builds usability labs.