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Mandel named to the UsabilityTools “46 Usability Experts You Should Follow” list

I was just named to the UsabilityTools “46 Usability Experts You Should Follow” list.

I’m honored and thrilled!!

View the list here!

User Experience vs. Marketing

“There is a difference between making a simple product and making a product simple.” ___________________________________________________________ “Marketing is about making people want things. Design is about making things that people want.” 5 things digital marketers should know about user experience

Great User Experience Quotes

Henry Dreyfuss’s “Designing for People” Henry Dreyfuss, an American industrial designer, wrote the classic text Designing for People in 1955. The cornerstone of his philosophy and thinking is captured in this quote from his article in The Harvard Business Review in 1950: “We bear in mind that the object being worked on is going toContinue Reading

At 90, She’s Designing Tech For Aging Boomers

NPR just posted this article about a 90-year-old woman recently hired as a designer at IDEO. What a great idea! As designers, our job is to understand and design for our intended audience. However, older designers may have problems identifying with younger users and younger designers may not really understand what elder users are goingContinue Reading

Mandel to present at IUE2014 Conference in Tempe, AZ – June 9-11

June 9-11, 2014 US Airways Corporate Headquarters, Tempe, AZ Spotlighting methods for dramatically improving today’s user experience This year’s conference will be held at the US Airways Corporate Headquarters, which is located in the heart of the Mill Avenue district. IUE 2014, the tenth annual conference brings you top industry speakers, practitioners, and authors toContinue Reading

Mandel featured Panelist at IxDA Phoenix 2013

IxDA Phoenix Design Week “Methods + Madness” Panel Monday, October 21, 2013 University of Phoenix Sperling Center Tempe, AZ Event Brochure  |  Storify Photos  |  Facebook Photos  |  Event Announcement   Theo Mandel was a featured panelist at IxDA Phoenix for Phoenix Design Week 2013’s Monday Night Event, the Method + Madness panel. This eventContinue Reading

Mandel’s IUE 2013 Presentations

Theo Mandel organized and presented at the ninth annual Internet User Experience conference (IUE 2013), April 2-3, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. Theo’s presentations were featured on SlideShare immediately after posting and have over 3,000 views to date. View Mandel’s presentations: Golden Rules of User Experience Design Designing Object-Oriented User Experiences

UX Conference in Phoenix this week!

Theo Mandel is one of the organizers and presenters at the ninth annual Internet User Experience conference – IUE 2013. The April 2-3 conference in Tempe, Arizona, highlights top industry speakers, practitioners, and authors to provide attendees with a complete package of Internet user experience design training, case studies, and real-world examples. Mandel’s sessions include: GoldenContinue Reading

John Karlin, Father of Touch-Tone Dialing, Dies

An obituary in the New York Times highlight’s John Karlin’s historic influence on digital dialing. Karlin died on January 28 at the age of 94. Ed Israelski, a well-know human factors professional, was fortunate to work under Karlin at Bell Labs. Karlin designed the famous (or infamous) telephone keypad layout. He also conducted innovative researchContinue Reading

Who owns your UX philosophy?

“I’ve been in three board meetings in the last month where it was painfully apparent that there wasn’t a person in the company who owned the UX philosophy of the product. I’m explicitly saying “UX” (user experience) rather than “UI” (user interface) as each company had an excellent designer and the application looked great. ButContinue Reading

Tech hotshots: The rise of the UX expert

“As the digital world shrinks down to a screen the size of your hand, demand for user experience designers explodes.” The surge of mobile and tablet devices has placed more emphasis and need for user experience skills. UX practitioners have been promoting awareness and education of UX and usability for years, and it has paid off. ReadContinue Reading

“Connecting” Video on the future of Interaction Design and UX

Thought-provoking video on Vimeo about the future of our field – The follow-on comments are just as interesting as the video. Here’s the summary: The 18 minute “Connecting” documentary is an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience from some of the industry’s thought leaders. As the role of software isContinue Reading

5 Ways to Begin Designing Your Life in 2013

Happy New Year 2013!! Here’s a great blog post about integrating your work and your life and living DESIGN! Enjoy! 5 Ways to Begin Designing Your Life in 2013  

Simplicity Isn’t Simple

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid! This has historically been a top-level goal for user experience professionals . However, as this blog post describes, achieving simplicity is not a simple exercise. There are many aspects to simplicity. It’s not as easy as saying, “If we look at an Apple UI, that’s our model!” Here’s the post: SimplicityContinue Reading

New book – Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving

Worth a read! New book available (for free!) – Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving is presented as a handbook for teaching, learning, and doing meaningful disruptive design work. The book includes an introduction to wicked problems, describing some of the challenges and opportunities of design-led entrepreneurial activities. The text describes the skillsContinue Reading

Finally! Microsoft celebrates IE6 death!

As a user experience designer and prototyper, one of the painful aspects of creating websites is checking browser compatability. With the demise of IE6, there’s one less browser version we have to worry about! Hooray! Check out the article on BBC Technology News!

Phoenix World Usability Day Celebration 2011

“To the heart of design” is a phrase that best describes the largest and most successful World Usability Day (WUD) event produced in Phoenix, Arizona, since its first event in 2007. PayPal hosted and sponsored the event, kicked off with a multimedia presentation of examples from its extensive interaction design team members, numbering 250 strong,Continue Reading

User Experience Experts are in Demand

As an independent user experience (UX) consultant, this year has been very busy, with more and more companies and clients realizing that user experience and usability is a critical component of any product or device’s design and and development process. Want to know more details on the resurgence of user experience? Check it out onContinue Reading

Design Tools Get the Human Touch

I was recently interviewed by Beth Stackpole for DesignNews magazine on how traditional CAD and design tool software is being made over to deliver a more natural and compelling user experience for engineers and designers. Here’s my section of the article: Beyond gestures, finger flicks, touch interfaces, and rotating objects around to change orientation, theContinue Reading

Perfecting Military Medical Solutions

View an amazing collection of new military healthcare devices in the battlefield! “With the growing swiftness and capability of today’s technology, medical tools are increasing in their specificity to meet military healthcare needs. The combat environment calls for particular solutions; on the battlefield, where time is of essence, military healthcare providers need the right implement,Continue Reading