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“I believe that your redesign of the Zoll software application set the industry standard (I am not alone in this opinion) and our big picture goal is to set a new standard.”

Robert Pabst, EMS Field Solutions Integration Manager

After knowing Dr. Mandel for over fifteen years, and working closely with him for the past three years now, words simply fail me in giving Dr. Mandel the recommendation he deserves, but I’ll try anyway. He is not only an outstanding talent when it comes to designing elegantly usable web pages, but he is one of the finest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has a rare combination of being thoroughly professional, talented, gracious, erudite, humble, optimistic, thoughtful, and cheerful. His integrity is impeccable, and I can, without hesitation or reservation, give him the highest recommendation I’m capable of giving!”

Dave Whittle, Founder & CEO

“Theo Mandel designed two high visibility commercial web sites for Blackboard – one is a user-oriented site for parents and students at universities and colleges, the other is the administrative site to manage the public site. During the past months, I have been impressed with Theo’s ability to deliver very high quality work with a minimum of guidance and direction. In fact, he is probably in the top 5% of web design folks I have used in the past 15 years. Additionally, I have used high end design firms on occasion, and he is better than any high end firm I have used. I strongly recommend him.”

Dennis Cozart, Vice President, Product Development
Blackboard Transact

“Theo revamped the user interface for ZOLL Data Systems’ mobile electronic patient care product. Customers loved the new look and feel. Theo worked very well with our team and not only improved the product but imparted valuable knowledge to the team during the project.”

David Cohen, Founder
Pinpoint Technologies (now Zoll Medical Corporation)

“In defining a new product, it was clear that we needed to understand the customer and user needs as well as we could. We searched for the right caliber of professional who could both establish a rapport with all levels at the customer company and also prepare an exceptional design for a user interface. Our situation was challenging, in that the users were accustomed to two different mainframe user interfaces, and we wanted to consolidate all of the features into one. We found Theo Mandel after performing a thorough search and winnowing process. Theo’s reputation and credentials were outstanding. In one case, we called a reference who was such a fan that I thought he was going to climb through the phone to share his enthusiasm and admiration for Theo with me! I would happily work with Theo again. In fact, I look for opportunities to do so.”

Steven List, Director, Professional Services / Program Director
Newgistics, Inc.

“We had been working on Bombardier Skyjet’s website redesign for several months when I decided to attend a seminar in Washington DC featuring Dr. Mandel. His presentation on best practices in website design and usability convinced me that it was time for a set of unbiased eyes to review the website before we launched it. We no longer had an objective perspective from which to recognize many small but significant design and navigational problems. Dr. Mandel was able to quickly point out the site weaknesses and suggested solutions that greatly improved the site just in time for launch!”

Lisa Lanna, Director of Product Management
Bombardier Skyjet International

“I want to take a few moments to thank you for your wonderful guidance and contribution to our recent software program. Before you came aboard and joined our developmental team, we were floundering with a well-conceived idea but one that was poorly designed, aesthetically deficient, and structurally inadequate. Through your diligent efforts and direction, our present software program has evolved into a highly professional and marketable finished product. It was a sincere joy and pleasure to work with you on this project and all of us involved in the development of this product will forever be in debt to you for your contribution. I assure you that with the onset of any future software developmental work, you will be contacted early on to enlist your continued participation. Once again, Theo, thank you for a job well done!”

Dr. Charles R. Young, D.P.M., President
Practice Dynamics, Inc.

“Dr. Theo Mandel played a very significant role in guiding the development of our division-wide HR Intranet, designed to bring pertinent HR information directly to the desktops of 6000 employees and managers in the most user-friendly form possible. Theo’s expertise in human factors and usability had a profound impact on the very successful design of the site, which has been embraced and heavily utilized by our workforce as their primary source for HR information. His “steady hand” in continually focusing us on the core principles of effective design was a critical factor in the site’s ultimate effectiveness. He was a pleasure to work with and we would look forward to doing so again in the future.”

Michael Brisciana, Corporate Human Resources Manager
The First American Corporation

“Theo is the most professional service provider we’ve dealt with – he took the time to understand us and our needs – he worked with efficiency and delivered an end-product about which we get RAVE reviews. We are delighted!”

Jeffrey Horn, Principal, Towers Perrin
Founder, The Business Development Group

“As one of the leading medical information networks on the Web, we chose Theo Mandel to set the tone for HospitalSoup.com’s site. The attention to detail, professionalism and personal consultation with Mr. Mandel and his staff has paid big dividends for us.”

Paul Hershey, Vice President of Marketing

“The importance of usability in systems design cannot be over emphasized. Systems are inherently expensive investments. A system with poor human factors is a constant drain on productivity, morale and budget. Theo Mandel has been instrumental in helping DTE to design systems that humans can use productively and without expensive training. Working with Theo is always a learning experience for my staff.”

Lynne Ellyn, Senior Vice President & CIO
DTE Energy

“Theo takes the time to explain the reasoning behind a certain approach. At the end of a project, you feel comfortable with the decisions that were made and can make your own usability decisions in future projects based on your experience working with Theo.”

Andy Greff, Senior Manager
Motive Communications

“I saw the results of Theo’s work when we were both at IBM working to derive the best UI principles to drive common user interface standards — before there were those, before users could reliably transfer their learning from one application to another. He codified the state of this early landscape in his book “The GUI-OOUI Wars” and contributed to clearer conventions, now in common across the graphical user interface paradigm. A great contribution and partner for any user interface work to come.”

Candace Soderston, Ph.D., Sr. Scientist, HF Engineer