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Look Ma, No Buttons: Futuristic touch-screen technology is quickly becoming a present-day reality on many consumer electronic gadgets

The high-tech computer touchscreens you see in the movies are not as futuristic as you think! “In the 2002 thriller Minority Report, detective John Anderton, (played by Tom Cruise) uses gloved hands to manipulate images on three-dimensional charts. The depiction of futuristic technology was set in 2054. The future arrived sooner than expected. The featuresContinue Reading

The human factor in gadget, Web design (CNN News)

More good press for my field of usability and web design: “Experts in the field of so-called human-computer interaction, however, say good design like the YouTube interface is the exception, not the rule. For every slick Apple iPod, there are a dozen washing machines with a baffling array of buttons. And for every simple TiVoContinue Reading


Google intends to scan every book ever published, and to make the full texts searchable, in the same way that Web sites can be searched on the company

How the Web is helping TV!

You would think that with the intense use of the Internet today, “googling” our brains out, watching idiotic video clips on YouTube, and our preoccupation with music and MP3 players, we would spend less time sitting down and watching television. Well, it turns out, it’s exactly the opposite! We actually watch more television now thanContinue Reading

Why the Geek Squad has become a Technological Necessity

Get Me The Geeks! How Tricky Technology Is Giving Rise To The Geeks CBS News – 60 Minutes January 28, 2007 Ever seen those funky-looking VW bugs driving around town? Have you felt the need to pick up the phone and call the Geek Squad? Well, you are not alone. 60 Minutes reports: “We areContinue Reading

Apple’s iPhone – Greatness or Gadget?

Technophiles are drooling over Apple’s announced new iPhone – a sleek and ultra thin combination of a mobile phone, an iPod and a pocket computer. The phone is operated with one button and a 3.5-inch high resolution touch screen. However, the price tag is around $500 and corporate managers may see it as an expensiveContinue Reading

Perceived vs. Actual Usability – Lexus “Self Park” Feature

Have you seen the TV commercials for the Lexus LS 460 “Park Assist” feature, or more technically named, the “Lexus Advanced Guidance Parking System?” The Lexus demos and commercials show the feature to be incredibly simple and easy to use. However, reviews and videos are being published showing the feature to be unusable. Here’s aContinue Reading