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Hilarious Google “Opt-Out” Parody

The Onion, a famous print and online parody newspaper, has a hilarious news video parody of Google’s “Opt-Out” policy. >

Google Releases News-Reading Service

Google, long seen as an enemy by many in the news industry, is making a bold attempt to be seen as a friend with a new service it hopes will make it easier for readers to read newspaper and magazine articles. On September 14, 2009, the company introduced an experimental news hub called Fast FlipContinue Reading

Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess

Intriguing article in Wired Magazine on the history of controversial, the largest community site in the US. From the interface design and usability perspective, Craigslist is notoriously well-know for its old-style, link-heavy, basic interface that does not make using the site easy for people shopping for stuff to sell or buy, apartments to rentContinue Reading

Why Adults Have Fed Twitter

Very interesting results from a study on twitter usage. It turns out older people are using twitter more than young people – not the results you would expect from a new social networking experience. “The tech industry has been perplexed by the fact that Twitter has grown extraordinarily quickly even though young people do notContinue Reading

Above and Beyond: Airplanes ARE social media

It’s time for user experience designers to break out their wings! Airlines are beginning to realize that air travel is a shared experience where travelers can share informaton and experiences and the airlines can learn more about their customers! Jay Vidyarthi, a User Experience Designer and Research Coordinator at Yu Centrik, a usability and designContinue Reading

Techno-Surfing and Whirling Dervish Drivers

Are you driving and talking on your cell phone? Have you seen someone texting while driving? Here’s a new article and research from the New York Times: “Americans are so addicted to techno-surfing that they

The iPhone Myth: Mobile Web a throwback to the ’90s

Interesting article in USA Today on Jakob Nielsen’s group (NNG) research on the mobile web. Their results show it is much slower and less accurate to use the web on a mobile device: A study to be released Monday by the researchers

Gadgets that Kill: Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks

Despite human factors and other research that highlight the dangers of using cellphones while driving, few laws are being passed to address the deadly problem. Extensive research shows the dangers of distracted driving. Studies say that drivers using phones are four times as likely to cause a crash as other drivers, and the likelihood thatContinue Reading

IBM Security Software can Help Healthcare Security/Privacy Concerns

Promising new technology can help attack healthcare security and privacy problems ____________________ IBM Security Software Masks Confidential Info Network World (07/09/09) Cooney, MichaelIBM researchers have developed Masking Gateway for Enterprises (MAGEN), software that uses optical character recognition and screen scraping technology to identify and conceal confidential information. IBM says MAGEN can prevent data leakage andContinue Reading

Finally – Usable, Real-World Products!

Ping Pong Door! Designed by Tobias Fränzel, this innovative door turns into a ping pong table when needed. After the game is finished, it goes back to being a regular door. Everything the techie or apartment-dweller needs!

Usability of Electronic Medical Records

CHICAGO (July 1, 2009)

National Federation of the Blind and American Council of the Blind File Discrimination Suit Against Arizona State University

It was bound to happen soon…Companies and universities implementing new technology that should enable all users to use the technology, yet has not fully addressed accessibility issues…and they are now caught in the act and are rightfully getting sued. In a new Press Release: Lawsuit against Arizona State and complaints against Princeton, Reed, Pace, DardenContinue Reading

Tufts Summer Institute on Web Strategies for Health Communication

An interesting course on healthcare web strategies and usability. For more information, contact: Lisa Neal Gualtieri, Ph.D. Adjunct Clinical Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine Blog on health: Editor-in-Chief, eLearn Magazine, Blog on education: Phone: 781-861-7373 Email: Enroll in the Tufts Summer Institute on Web Strategies for Health Communication,, toContinue Reading

The Future of Doctor-Patient Interaction in Healthcare

Interesting video on YouTube of Microsoft Surface and the healthcare application Amalga. “Captured at HIMSS09, one of the core developers for Microsoft Amalga walks through the application. The health care industry has a complete aspect of new technologies and processes to see in the future. The PHR product Microsoft HealthVault is also featured.” As aContinue Reading

What makes a “User Experience expert”?

Good summary of what is a “User Experience” expert. Read the follow-up comments and posts your own comments.

Solution, or Mess? A Milk Jug for a Green Earth

Who says you can’t improve on years of well-established tradition? Wal-Mart and Costco have adopted a new gallon-sized milk container that looks to save the companies lots of money. However, there may be some usability issues they’ve overlooked! A New York Times article describes the following impressive improvements in business metrics: * 180% higher utilizationContinue Reading

The Employable Web Designer

Nice article from Andy Rutledge, titled “The Employable Web Designer. He describes the necessary skills and traits for a successful career in Web design. The article briefly addresses usability, but at least they are included as necessary skills: Usability & Affordance

What the Internet is doing to our brains: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Good historical article on how technology changes our lives and how we work. Very informative story about Friedrich Nietzsche, who bought a typewriter in 1882, and the changes that came about in his writing style as a result of using this new technology. Similarly, the author, Nicholas Carr, discusses how Internet technology, such as Google,Continue Reading

Lazy Eyes: How we read online

Fun, somewhat tongue-in-cheek article about reading/browsing online vs. paper. He uses Jakob Nielsen’s writings as examples and goes from there. Worth a read on Slate (Aricle by Michael Agger).

Dealing with Too Much Technology!

Good article in the NY Times about how technology companies are starting to deal with the loss of productivity from too much technology – e-mail, cellphones and instant messaging – being the biggest distractions. Some of the biggest technology firms, including Microsoft, Intel, Google and IBM, are banding together to fight information overload. Last weekContinue Reading