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At 90, She’s Designing Tech For Aging Boomers

Barbara Beskind, 90, is a designer at IDEO who works with engineers on products that improve the quality of life for older people.

NPR just posted this article about a 90-year-old woman recently hired as a designer at IDEO.

What a great idea! As designers, our job is to understand and design for our intended audience. However, older designers may have problems identifying with younger users and younger designers may not really understand what elder users are going through. As our population ages, designing for elderly eyes, hands, bodies and minds is a challenging situation.

My colleagues at Pearson Education, led by Lisa Maurer, Design Research manager, have recently implemented KidsTeam, where schoolchildren actively participate in the design and research of Pearson’s educational products.

IDEO’s hiring elderly designers takes this approach for designing for the other end of the age spectrum.

Both programs show that user-centered design and research is alive and well in the User Experience (UX) community.

Your thoughts?

Finally! Microsoft celebrates IE6 death!

As a user experience designer and prototyper, one of the painful aspects of creating websites is checking browser compatability. With the demise of IE6, there’s one less browser version we have to worry about! Hooray! Check out the article on BBC Technology News!

Designers Who Wireframe: Pros and Cons

Most UI/usability/information designers/architects create various types of wireframes when we design. This article discusses the different types of wireframes and their pros and cons. The article also shows good examples of diffferent types of wireframes and the final website design. >> View Article

Prototyping Tips

A major aspect in user interface and interaction design is prototyping. Typically, prototypes are either low-fidelity prototypes (flip-charts, drawings, PowerPoint, etc.) to evaluate conceptual designs or high-fidelity prototypes (HTML/JavaScript, Flash, application code, etc.) for design, evaluation and development. Learn more about Paper Prototyping. Here’s a nice article on avoiding the pitfalls in prototyping website andContinue Reading