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User Experience and the Elderly

Sometimes you have to protect users from themselves so they do no harm. Here’s a real-world example of creating a faux user experience that helps users remain safe and at home. Here’s an example: There’s a bus stop located outside the Benrath Senior Centre in Dusseldorf. People occasionally walk up to the stop and standContinue Reading

Designing Usability and User Experience for Consumer Medical Devices

Usability and comsumer experience are not only important for computer hardware and software. Consumer medical devices must not only be usable – they must be visually and physically appealing: “Today, a medical device must be more than functional; it must also look and feel sophisticated. Device designers can use refined touchpoints to influence users

Microsoft HealthVault: Device Connectivity

Microsoft’s HealthVault (HV) beta was launched October 4, 2007. The launch was a classic Microsoft launch: big, dramatic, expensive, and well executed, right down to the goody bags (you had to be there to get one). Read more about Microsoft’s Healthvault: – Microsoft HealthVault: Device Connectivity – e-CareManagement Blog – Medtalk: Doctor Geek, M.D.

IT side of medical care: Interview with Dr. Christopher Longhurst

Very illuminating interview with Stanford doctor, Christopher Longhurst, a general pediatrician who works in the IT department there. Recorded from the Scoble Show, a video blog about “geeks, technologists and developers.” The most interesting thing? Just how many mistakes get made in hospitals and how information technology is being used to keep those errors fromContinue Reading

‘Laura’ Makes Digital Health Coaching Personal

As healthcare chairman for World Usability Day 2007, I’m very interested in advances in consumer healthcare on the Web. Northeastern University computer science professor Timothy Bickmore has created a virtual health coach called “Laura” that can help patients remember to take pills on time or encourage them to get out for a walk. Bickmore hopesContinue Reading