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Theo Mandel partners with Larry Marine on large, collaborative corporate projects. Together, Theo and Larry have 40 years of combined experience in experience strategy, user research, product design, prototyping and user testing services. We have formed a new company, Success PragmatiQ, to service companies with large, critical, user-centered projects, typically using an agile development process.  Visit our website

Success PragmatiQ’s Four-Stage Design Process

Our time-tested process guides your company to effectively develop product strategies and requirements that enable you to design products that actually meet both business and user needs.

Success PragmatiQ's Four-Stage Design Process

Our unique design process involves four stages:

  1. Objectives: Define key objectives and desired outcomes for a product
  2. Strategic: Describe the users’ cognitive characteristics and analyze their tasks
  3. Tactical: Identify contextually appropriate user interface design paradigms
  4. GUI: Design the user interface with respect to the identified contextual parameters