Sincere joy and pleasure to work with

“I want to take a few moments to thank you for your wonderful guidance and contribution to our recent software program. Before you came aboard and joined our developmental team, we were floundering with a well-conceived idea but one that was poorly designed, aesthetically deficient, and structurally inadequate. Through your diligent efforts and direction, our present software program has evolved into a highly professional and marketable finished product. It was a sincere joy and pleasure to work with you on this project and all of us involved in the development of this product will forever be in debt to you for your contribution. I assure you that with the onset of any future software developmental work, you will be contacted early on to enlist your continued participation. Once again, Theo, thank you for a job well done!”

Dr. Charles R. Young, D.P.M., President
Practice Dynamics, Inc.

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