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Mandel reviewed and redesigned OKbridge’s registration process. He conducted heuristic evaluations of the OKbridge website and online game. Dr. Mandel then worked closely with the founder and development staff to design and prototype the next iteration of the OKbridge online program. The design project focused on the needs and requirements of both expert-level and novice bridge players through user evaluations. Mandel successfully designed the Java-based application for maximum enjoyment and usability.

OKbridge, Inc. is an online bridge club dedicated to serving the worldwide community of bridge players by providing superior software and service. Founder Matt Clegg, while in Finland in 1990, developed an Internet bridge program as a way of playing bridge with his friends back in the US. OKbridge was first released to the public in August 1990 and the idea caught on. Today, OKbridge has more than 18,000 members from over 90 countries, making it the world’s largest member-supported online bridge club.

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