Theo Mandel invited to present Keynote at 2009 User eXperience Russia Conference

Theo Mandel, Ph.D., founder and principal of Interface Design and Development, LLC, has been invited to present a keynote session at the 2009 User eXperience Russia conference in Moscow on October 26-28, 2009.

Mandel’s keynote presentation is titled “The (New) Golden Rules of Web Design.”

User eXperience 2009 Russia Website

Keynote Session Description:
Following the conference theme (The Journey from Discovery to Advocacy), this keynote presentation takes viewers on a journey through user experience design history. In the early 1990’s, I (and others, including Jakob Nielsen, Ben Shneiderman, Apple, IBM and Microsoft) published books describing “Golden Rules” of software interface design. These “universal” guidelines are organized into three major groups:

  • Place users in control
  • Reduce user’s memory load
  • Make the interface consistent

Over the past 15 years, these “universal” golden rules (and many variations) have been referenced and applied to the current state of software and web design. On Google, you will see over one million search results for “Golden Rules Web Design.”

This presentation highlights the key elements of user experience and usability “Golden Rules” and how these guidelines are still critical to today’s (and tomorrow’s) user experience with software and on the web.

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