Usability/User Experience Specialist – Best Careers for 2008 [US News & World Report]

US News & World Report on Best Careers for 2008: Usability/User Experience Specialist listed as one of the best careers!

We continue to gain recognition for our contribution to the IT industry. The article notes one drawback about our industry, as we continue to face push-back from our (potential) clients:

A potential downside of this career is that shortsighted companies believe they can make products without a specifically trained usability expert, so you may have to spend considerable time justifying your service’s value. Another drawback is that you may need to make efforts to avoid being typecast as someone who can help design only one kind of product.



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  1. Jim Jeffers says:

    Hey Theo,

    I’ve been getting more and more involved with UX. I was curious to know if there are any groups related to the profession that are active here in Phoenix? I went to UIE last fall and met a lot of people in the IxDA but there is no Phoenix chapter out here. Is there anything out here for UX folks to meet up, collaborate, and discuss?

    – Jim

  2. Theo Mandel says:


    There are a few groups to get involved in for the Phoenix area. We are trying to set up a chapter of the UPA here in 2008. Here are some links:

    The Arizona Chapter of the UPA

    Phoenix User Experience Professionals

    Refresh Phoenix (IT, Development)

    AZIPA (Arizona Internet Professionals Association)

    There are some other web desing groups in various parts of the city (West, etc.), but I can’t find the link at the moment.

    Give me a call or drop me a line to discuss…..

    Theo Mandel
    theo (at)

  3. Jim Jeffers says:

    Thanks Theo! Yeah I participated in the AZIPA group many years back. I’ve been an active member of Refresh since it’s inception. But while they are related they still aren’t UX specific groups. Thanks for the info on the UPA. I am interested in getting involved!

    Is the PHXUEX group still active?

    – Jim

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