Web 2.0 Usability Blooper – The Weather

Wonderful Web 2.0 gives you instant, dynamic information – or does it? Check out the temperature and weather in Scottsdale in this screenshot between one Weather panel on the left and the other Weather web service on the right. One says the current temperature is 70 degrees and sunny and the other says it is 28 degrees and snowing! Which do you think is correct? Click on the screenshot to view it full-sized.

Now, check the refreshed screenshot. Click on the screenshot to view it full-sized.

Refreshed version of the weather information on my Google Home Page. Wow, it’s not snowing in Scottsdale any more! Surprise!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of web usability bloopers! For more information on how to avoid usability bloopers, visit Mandel’s Golden Rules of User Interface Design. View more bloopers on Mandel’s website!

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