eCommerce Web Usability Blooper

Great! I found the software I’m looking for, and it’s on SALE! $325, with $75 off, ends up at $250! But wait, it says the discounted price is $395! What is going on!!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of web usability bloopers! For more information on how to avoid usability bloopers, visit Mandel’s Golden Rules of User Interface Design. View more bloopers on Mandel’s website!

This blooper was found by Kathryn Grant, Sr. Technical Writer at FedEx

2 Responses to eCommerce Web Usability Blooper

  1. Greg Scowen says:

    I don’t know that I would call it a usability error, rather a content or proof-reading error (or functionality issue) but it certainly is a little unfortunate.

  2. Theo Mandel says:

    Yes, I agree that it is the result of a database, content or proof-reading error on the back end, but to the customer, it’s a usability problem!! They are not sure they will get the discounted price without extra measures, such as calling sales or customer support. That’s a “user experience” no-no!

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