How the Web is helping TV!

You would think that with the intense use of the Internet today, “googling” our brains out, watching idiotic video clips on YouTube, and our preoccupation with music and MP3 players, we would spend less time sitting down and watching television. Well, it turns out, it’s exactly the opposite! We actually watch more television now than ever:

“Standing tall in a field of new tech wonders, it’s a geezer technology that was invented in the 1920s and commercialized in the 1940s, and it’s still more powerful than anything created since. As you try to figure out where consumer infotech is going, and what it means for society, remember this big, central reality: People just want more television.”

The CNN Money article is titled, TV is dying? Long live TV! Despite (or because of) the Web, we watch more television than ever. The statistics will only get stronger, with the recent announcement at The Consumer Electronics Show. Verizon Wireless said it will soon offer live TV on cellphone screens. It will also sell full-length programs for viewing whenever you want.

Kind of a sad statement about the world and new technology, usable or not. The article ends this way:

“No one has evaluated TV better than the great New Yorker essayist E.B. White, who in 1938 wrote, “We shall stand or fall by television, of that I am sure.’ We still don’t know which it will be, but his assessment looks truer than ever.”

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